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Patient Engagement Software

Patient-centered healthcare starts with engagement.

Deliver a better experience for your patients—and your clinic.

Our patient engagement software and solutions let patients connect with your clinic online, keep them informed about wait time, and help your staff manage throughput. Your patients are more satisfied, and your brand remains the hero.

Patient satisfaction shapes your success.

Do you have the right technology tools to stay connected with your patients beyond their visit?

With our experience-changing online patient engagement software and solutions, you’ll get a smoother, patient-centered workflow that keeps wait times down, reduces front desk effort, and boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty. Patients have options. With better engagement, you make their choice easy.

  • Convenient online appointment scheduling
  • Increased visibility into wait times
  • Electronic patient registration
  • Helpful text reminders and alerts
  • Post-visit feedback solutions

Improve clinic operations—and performance.

With patient engagement software and solutions, your patients can complete pre-visit paperwork online or at a kiosk in near real-time. They can see their place in line right away. So convenient for them—and time-saving for your staff.

Throughput optimization

Patients spend less time registering and waiting, speeding up throughput so you can see more patients.

Resource management

Staff hours go farther when patients scan insurance cards and complete forms from their phone, tablet or computer.

Balanced workflow

Spread reservation times throughout the day to balance workflows across peak and slower operating hours, or even across multiple clinics. Less waiting. Less chaos.

Better informed decisions

With detailed benchmarks on wait times, satisfaction scores, online appointments vs. walk-ins, ROI, and more, you make informed staffing decisions and know where improvement is needed.

Increase patient base

Custom brand Experity patient engagement software on your website to create a simple, seamless scheduling experience, make visitors new patients, and build your client base.

Reputation management

Experity makes it easy to monitor patient satisfaction, mitigate negative experiences, and prevent negative reviews.

Solutions for Healthcare Markets

Satisfaction for patients, providers, and staff.

The online check-in tool has led to a 70 percent decrease in patients who leave a clinic without being seen.

Andrew Schenk Deaconess Urgent Care

The queuing feature was a key selling point for us when choosing Experity. In order to remain competitive in a crowded industry, this type of customer service is mandatory.

Joe Malzone WellNow Urgent Care

What better way to show our patients that we value their time than by providing a tool that allows them to see accurate estimates of wait times and access to scheduling online.

Garrett Bomba Pentucket Medical
Andrew Schenk, Deaconess Urgent Care - Testimonial Headshot
Testimonial Headshot - Joe Mazone, WellNow Urgent Care
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Beyond Online Appointments: The Ultimate Guide to Patient Engagement

In this Ultimate Guide you’ll find technology-based solutions, tips, and smart ways to create a patient experience that builds your business and gives them a reason to choose you when they’re looking for urgent care.

Keep patients engaged – and happy.

Let’s talk about saving time for patients – and your staff.

Talk to an Experity Patient Engagement Sales Specialist today: 866-566-8764 or schedule a demo.