A leader in healthcare patient engagement, Clockwise.MD provides technology solutions that reflect the demands of today’s healthcare consumer. Our online scheduling and virtual queuing tools are used by more than 1,600 urgent care clinics, emergency departments, primary and specialty care clinics, diagnostic testing centers, and more to help boost patient satisfaction, improve clinic efficiency, and increase patient retention.

We believe in creating a better end-to-end experience for today's on-demand healthcare consumer by providing communication technology that engages and empowers patients without increasing the workload for providers.


Clockwise.MD was founded in 2012 when a group of seasoned healthcare information technology entrepreneurs began applying customer-centric tools used successfully in other industries to the healthcare industry. The goal was to arm providers with the tools they needed to improve the overall patient experience.

The company was purchased by DocuTAP in 2017. As a part of the DocuTAP family, Clockwise.MD is able to leverage the power of the urgent care industry’s leading software and service company. Our combined resources will accelerate our mission to improve the patient experience from end to end.


We have a team of passionate, creative-minded people devoted to helping our customers help their customers. However, we're not big into titles at Clockwise.MD. What we are into are our office mascots.

Get to know some of our office regulars (and some of our employees' dream pets) below.

Asher may be a good-natured pup, but he has some very strong food preferences. For example, he likes jalapeños, but hates grapefruit!
Best Friend: Meghan Crites
Black Beauty
Some may consider "Black Beauty" to be the perfect pet. She doesn't eat much, never runs away, and weighs only 17 lbs!
Best Friend: Bill Taylor
Feeling nostalgic? While a relatively new addition to the office, Blinky has been around for almost 40 years. He may not be the best for office productivity, he does encourage a little healthy competition.
Best Friend: Mark Wagner
Bobo is an excitable pup, but watch out! Anyone who pets him is cool in his book, so only go near him if you want a new best friend.
Best Friend: Phong Si
Callie the cat enjoys a myriad of contradictory activities — sunbathing, cuddling, and biting, to name a few.
Best Friend: Tricia Jefferson
Charles Barkley (Charlie)
Charles Barkley, affectionately known as Charlie, has such a rambunctious spirit that he has yet to make an appearance in the office. The rest of the crew can't wait to meet him!
Best Friend: Cara Creger
Goh Mang and Aydin
Despite similar appearances, it's easy to tell which cat is which: Goh Mang enjoys high-end furniture (boxes) while Aydin likes to stand uncomfortably close to the camera anytime a picture is being taken.
Best Friend: Joe Dursun
Gopher, so named because he dreams about digging in his sleep, is the epitome of low-maintenance: he doesn't eat, has a silent bark, and never has to go outside.
Best Friend: Dennis Holmes
Keller is the canine embodiment of the engineering spirit: living a life of steady calm interspersed with bursts of wild excitement. He loves nothing more than rolling on the floor, chasing rabbits, and sniffing everything in sight.
Best Friend: Dan DeBruler
Link is the marketing mascot. He enjoys (very) long walks, sniffing, peanut butter, and jumping. He also sidelines as an escape artist and puppy model multiple times a week.
Best Friend: Jenna Hanington
Mantis Shrimp
Arden's dream pet (and spirit animal) is the mantis shrimp. Her reasoning? They are bright. They are dark. They are beautiful.
Best Friend: Arden Davis
Michael's dream dog is a dog who just likes to lounge around the house, eat food and not annoy him, but will still be their for him when he needs it. If you know of a dog, help a brother out by finding a dog that has a pet status level of chill.
Best Friend: Michael Mercer
Orion is a dapper pup who enjoys picnics, a crisp white whine (see what we did there?), and hanging out with his best friend Oswald.
Best Friend: Imaad Rashied
Oswald, also known as Orion's partner in crime, can only be described as “festive.” His favorite holiday is Cinco de Mayo, and he loves nothing more than lapping up a big bowl of queso.
Best Friend: Imaad Rashied
Pearl and Murphy
Pearl (left) is super laid back, but she does have one achilles heel - she's afraid of balloons. Murphy (right) is pretty sure that he's in charge, but no one else is.
Best Friend: Mike Burke
Sanford wants to be everyone's best friend! He enjoys barking, long hikes, and chewing on anything he can get his paws on, especially if it's not actually meant to be chewed.
Best Friend: Ansley Casey
Slackbotbot likes roaming around the office and cleaning up after the dev team. He's a quiet bot for the most part, but rumor has it he'll be a lot more vocal in the near future.
Best Friend: Andrew Schuster
Smokey and Tera
Tera (lounging on the floor) is the youngest and enjoys hunting outdoors and bringing her new friends indoors, while Smokey (giving us the evil eye) is the oldest and enjoys following her human pets around the house like a dog.
Best Friend: David Sommers
Teacup pig
Megan's dream pet is a teacup pig who thinks he is a dog. He'll do all the tricks in the book, but won't get spoiled with bacon-flavored treats (okay, maybe sometimes…).
Best Friend: Megan Larsh
Pearl and Murphy may have some competition with office newcomer Ted Pillsbury. Though Ted has only known CEO Mike Burke for a few months, they're already inseparable.
Best Friend: Sarah Pillsbury / Mike Burke